the treatment for echinococcosis (fox tapeworm infection)


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We travel to Scandinavia ever since 1974 and the last few years we could take our dog with us.
Most of the times we start in the south of Sweden, go north and turn to the left to visit the Norwegian coast.
Up till recently we could take the medicine against fox tapeworm infection, which is required in Norway, with us and used a Self-declaration form provided by Mattylsynet which we could download from their side.
At the moment the self-declaration form cant be used any longer and we have to visit a Swedish vet 24-120 hours before we enter Norway.

Now thats our problem. We never plan our trips to Scandinavia, we take it as we go, weather fine - we stay, lovely place - we stay great people - we stay. We never know beforehand when and where we will turn to the left and enter Norway. One thing for our 2017 trip is relatively sure, this year we most probably want to do the Vildmarksvägen (if icefree of course)

This means that we will enter Norway near Gäddede or further north so Kilpisjarvi would be the most northly point.

I hope you can give us vets we could visit with our dog so he can have its fox tapeworm treatment
Second question is whether it is wise to take the medicine with us to avoid problems with lack of medicine

Hope you can lead the way

Paul and Ineke Lutz

Jan K

HBK Medlem
Sv: the treatment for echinococcosis (fox tapeworm infection)

The 28-day rule is the solution:

If you are in Norway (or Finland) the 28:th day after the last treatment you must go to local vet. but if you are in Sweden (or almost anywhere else in EU) you can forget about a new treatment.

It is very easy to buy Milbemax in Sweden (without prescripition) so it is no need bring it from home. But maybe you can buy it cheaper at home?