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Our first post


F.d. 29385

We joined the husbilsklubben.se June 2015 and this is our first post :twitcy:

We joined as a non-paying member because we hoped we could manage to read the Swedish posts. My wife studied Norwegian in the 80ties and she manages quite right in Denmark and Sweden as well, I often have to wait for an hour before she returns from a simple question to be asked to a Swede:wall:. Most of them want to know why the heck she learned Norwegian.

But unfortunately her vocabulary doesn't include the mostly tech-swedish used in this forum :spinny:. A Norwegian forum might be better but we cant find one.

Thats the reason why we never changed to a full membership. That would have given us the chance to check the Dutch husbilsplatser file.

Sofar our belated introduction.
We do have a question for our 2017 trip to Scandinavia but will enter it in a second thread

Best regards
Paul and Ineke Lutz


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Sv: Our first post

Feel welcome with your next post. I'm sure that you will get answers on your questions even if you write in english. Technical matters or not like travelling suggestions.