Plastic waste

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  1. Kjell

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    A little OT and maybe not new to all but this could be a kind of wake-up message for most of us - we really leave a gigantic plastic trail behind us:

    Author Amanda Martinez tells us also that, quote: "The average American is said to consume 185 pounds of plastic each year." End quote.
    That is about 80 kilos of plastic munched in and passing the body channel every year! How much - and what - stays in the body?
    The figure is maybe about the same for Sweden as the use of plastic in the food industry is quite similar.

    Also according to Amanda Martinez, a couple of health-oriented stores in the US have scrapped their stock of polycarbonate baby bottles as they leak BPA (bisphenol A) when warmed to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Much to read...
  2. F.d. 16636

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    Wow what a read!

    I had no idea something like that existed. It would take a huge effort by many nations to try to clean that up, ( if any were willing) but we have to do something, thats a tragedy that should not be left to our children!

    Nice post.
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