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Volkswagen T-4 td5 camper


F.d. 17652

can someone tell me if it is easy to import into sweden this 'husbil' it is a diesel?
weigths around 2000kg. the car is builded in 2000.
in holland we pay only 3 months of road tax for a year, is there some kind of similar system in sweden.
We are planning to live in sweden permanently and we also another/normal car.
if it is very expensive too(while it is a diesel) we can better sell it before in holland
thanks in advance
nico schipper

Michael Johansson

HBK Medlem
Sv: Volkswagen T-4 td5 camper

At first I would like to welcome you to Husbilsklubben.se. I hope you will like it here. And also welcome to Sweden.

I think there should be no problem to bring the car to sweden. Especially as you are moving here. Then it is brought into the country as personal belongings in conection with imigration. Different and somewhat easier rules apply then.

About tax we pay tax all year as long as the vehicle is registered. Taxreduction apply if you unregister the vehicle part of the year.