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As we don't have an off topic section in the English forum, I'll through this up here.

Over the past 20 years we have been bombarded by the media and its endless debate dealing with climate change. Whats been at the forefront of this argument is the last 100 years of the so called industry period, and its theoretic affect on our climate.

Whats been left out of this debate is our past geologic record of what this planet has been through. As an example we have the Vostok ice core testing that gives us a beautiful window of the last 400,000 years of interglacial periods, with it, we see a wonderful wave like pattern that has 100,000 year high temperature peaks, as well as CO2 counts that are an average of 370 to 380PPM, similar to todays levels.

The argument of our small man made impute is at best 1 degree C, in the mean temperature, this is a small fraction of what the earth has endured during the last 100,000 years, we have had several large scale volcanic eruptions that produced a thousand times the amount of toxins and gases into the atmosphere that we have produced during the last 100 years of industry, and the planet has dealt with the excess.

The fact that climate change sells well with the media and plays on public fears shows the lack of understanding about an otherwise natural event. We are now in the top end of a 14,000 year warming peak that began with the early Holocene period, and we have been here before! this is the forth high temperature point over the last 400,000 years, and the CO2 count is current with the last 3 high peak periods!

The fact that we have bone fragments of Hippo and crocodile in England shows us that this planet has gone through similar high temperature periods, with temporal zones reaching well into the higher latitudes. The reasons given today for global warming have left out our past geological records, only focusing on the last 100 years, ignoring what evidence has been given to prove a natural event.

We pay environmental taxes based on an unproven popular theory, rather than sound scientific facts. And the money spent on one sided studies has left the public ignorant to what is really going on. Its amazing how little we understand this planet, and even more amazing how easy the public is swayed by a popular myth.

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Furthermore, according to a FAO scientist (on a TV show tonight on SVT) more than 18% of all Green House Gas emissions come from food production. Particularly beef production is a problem in this respect.

These amounts are comparable or worse than emissions from cars – don’t remember the figures exactly – maybe someone else saw the program and can give the right proportions.

These facts has not given rise to any interest or measures from environmentalists or politicians. They all concentrate on limiting the transport business in order to lower emissions of Green House Gases.

F.d. 16636

Good point! its to bad they leave that information out of the mainstream media.

Imagine a large scale eruption similar to the last one in Yellowstone, ( some 100,000 years ago) this covered 3 states in ash and lavas, and the planet dealt with it.. and it will deal with the small amounts man has produced as well. ( I would love to see a government try and tax a volcano)

What is needed right now is the public ( Swedish) to stand up and say no to increased environmental taxes. There is no more proof for man made climate change than there is against it, but we pay for the popular held theory!

If we bankrupt the country's economy with crippling taxation, then what have you gained? An elected government hasn't the right to reduce the living standard of its citizens based on un- founded theory. We vote to be represented.....not herded.