sweden Benimar perhaps stoled

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  1. F.d. 23834

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    Good evening at all !!

    I'm Italian, my name is Sergio.
    In the forum of Camper on Line (Italian motorhome site, same at your Husbilsklubben) a user have reported the notice of a abandoned Benimar with a Swedish plate WNX 915 that was in a parking in the town of Ventimiglia, region Liguria near to border with France. The sighting dating at the evening of 12 august and in the glass of the motorcaravan there's a fine for not have pay the parking with date of 06 august.

    I hope I have done the right thing and excuse me for my not good english.

    Ciao, Sergio.
  2. Nisse oi Näsåker

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    Sv: sweden Benimar perhaps stoled

    Thank you for sharing that information!!
    I have searched here in Sweden for that veichle but can't see that it is reported stolen.
    Nisse web-admin

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