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  1. Kjell

    Kjell HBK Medlem

    Becoming a member at

    The first step is to register as Intresserad (Interested).
    This step is free of charge and allows you to read and write in some parts of the forum.

    Start by clicking
    Here you have to accept the rules of good behaviour as in many other forums, proceed with the registration form and fill in the obligatory fields: user name, password and mail address. Continue further down with the other fields (municipal, phone number, complete name, country and county (Län) (use ‘International’) and then press “Completing registration” upon which the acknowledging message appears.

    Please edit your Profile as soon as possible with name and snailmail address. When becoming a member later on you will otherwise not be able to receive the decals for the car and your members card. Save the Profile changes and you are now an Intresserad with good access to a large number of various parts of the forum, however not total access to some major topics.

    To become a full member at and also get access to our Members List and Aires/Stellplatz List you have to pay the members fee. Please go to the start page and use the IBAN and BIC numbers and make the payment, 200 SEK. This includes the 100 SEK registration fee as well as the 100 SEK members fee for one year.
    Go here and please fill in your postal address – if you have not done that yet.
    If any help is needed with the registration, drop a mail to service (a) for assistance.

    Now please observe your member status indicated under your nickname in the post where you are introducing yourself, when it changes from Intresserad to Medlem in a couple of days after payment you are by then a member and will have full member access to the whole web site.
    Please understand that the Aires/Stellplatz List is for members use only, all spots in the list is a contribution from our members and is not meant to be public outside

    Congratulations and welcome to a friendly and helpful MH club!
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